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Learn how to create a directory website with WordPress step by step! With a directory website, you can allow business’s to come to your website, register their business, and than they can allow others to leave a review about your business.

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Timestamps for the directory website tutorial:

Intro 00:00
Web Hosting 03:45
Hosting Dashboard 07:37
Install WordPress 09:21
Install WordPress Theme 13:50
Import Demo Content 17:09
How To Design Website 20:40
Create Pages 30:07
Create A Menu 34:03
How To Use Directory Website 35:20
How To Create A Listing 37:20
Add Locations 43:05
Get A Logo 50:50
Design Listing 59:53
Search Results 01:06:14
Theme Options 01:09:44
Additional Settings 01:36:00
Create Events 01:58:10
Create Bookings 02:06:50
Create Users 02:12:49
Customer Dashboard 02:16:51
Create Events 02:19:36
Creating Coupons 02:22:04
Creating A Menu 02:24:23
Creating AD Campaign 02:28:46
Pricing Plan & Payment Gateways 02:33:30
Integrating Payment Gateways 02:44:03
Test Transaction 02:48:18
Google Maps API 02:55:41
Marketing 03:03:40

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