How to Make Money Blogging – How I Made over $40,000 in One Month Blogging. From this video, you will find the answers to all your questions about blogging and money: do bloggers make money? On my example of a specific month, I’ll show you how do bloggers get paid and I’ll prove you that you can still make money blogging in 2021!

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Hello-hello! My mind is blown when I look at my latest income report. I crossed the mark of $40,000 in one month! It’s the highest month so far in my blogging business. But I decided to publish this income report not only because it was the highest so far but more so because the structure of my income streams has chanced quite a bit compared to my income reports published last year. I hope you will appreciate the transparency of my video when I share all the details about the income sources and what worked best for me this month.

1. Display ads.

In November I made $3054 with two of my blogs just with Mediavine ads. I consider my display ads income relatively low for the amount of traffic I get but there is a reason for this. On my older blog on a large part of my content the display ads are turned off.
It’s actually what people ask me about quite often. If you have display ads on your site, can you control on which pages you want to show the ads and where you want to sell affiliate products or your own products? The answer is YES – you totally can turn off display ads even on individual pages. That’s what I did on all my posts with blogging tips and Pinterest marketing tips. On all of them I am either promoting affiliate products or selling my own course. So it doesn’t make sense to show ads and send my traffic away from these pages for a few cents.

Now you know that when I started my blog, I mostly relied on Mediavine ads for income but over the time, I’ve been intentionally decreasing the amount of ads on my blog because I’ve built additional monetization methods that can pay me more for each visitor on my site.

I will also mention it here because it’s related to display ads – I made $1100 with Youtube ads on my channel. This one I consider a passive income stream for a couple of reasons. The first is because with the baby at home, I haven’t been posting videos every single week like I used to before having a baby. But my income from Youtube ads is still coming in from my old videos. Of course, if I abandoned my channel completely, the views and ad income would be slowly decreasing. But it’s great to know I can take a break from making new videos for a month if I need to, and Youtube would be still sending me my ad income for that month. That’s truly passive, isn’t it? 

The second reason why I consider this Youtube ad income passive is because I would create my videos anyway. I’m not making them for the sake of video ads.
You can imagine that Youtube is the best platform to establish yourself as an expert in any topic, people love learning from video content nowadays. So Youtube does help me generate a lot more income with my 1:1 services and with my course about Pinterest marketing. And the advertising income from Youtube is just a great bonus that I get together with the growth of my channel.

Now, moving the next monetization method. It’s 2. Affiliate marketing for beginners. As an affiliate of various tools and programs that help you build your online business, I made $8920 in total. Some of the products that I recommend frequently on my blog you already know – for example I recommend beginner bloggers to start with Bluehost hosting provider as they offer a really affordable pricing, 24-hour support through chat and a free domain. And they provided a special pricing for my audience, you will find the link to this exclusive deal in the description below this video.