In this video, I’m gonna show you how to make money on Google Maps in 2021 with this CRAZY new method! And not only is this method super simple & completely beginner friendly… but it’s available WORLDWIDE – so there’s no excuses! Enjoy 🙂

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Summary of this video:

So like I said, in this video, I’m gonna show you how to make money on Google Maps. And the reason I’m making this video is because even though my last “how to make money on google maps” video went viral and ALMOST everyone loved that video… there were still those few people complaining that it was “too hard” because they had to reach out to the businesses to make the money. But this method is SO MUCH more simple – you literally can do it ALL by yourself, as a complete beginner and without reaching out to ANY businesses. So let’s get started!

First, you have to go to a website called ubersuggest (it’s actually part of Neil Patels website, but if you go to or google ubersuggest, you’ll find it). This is a keyword research tool we’re going to use to find low competition keywords and use them to make money because all of these big companies don’t bother using the low competition keywords because they have a low monthly search volume. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make good money – I’d say we can make about $25 per month per 100 monthly search volume. And we’re using the “hotels near” keyword because people are just itching to get back out traveling again.

Second, after you picked your “hotels near” keyword (I picked “hotels near Fargo ND”) then you go to google maps and search Fargo ND. Then, you search for hotels or click the hotels button and find a few hotels close to Fargo. After that, you literally just copy & paste the name of the hotel, the address, phone number, highlights, amenities, details, etc into a note pad… easy-peasy.

Third, this is the most important step because it is what we’re going to use to run our ENTIRE business… and that’s an open-source FREE tool called WordPress that 42% of the ENTIRE internet is built on!! You do need a web host if you don’t have one already, because having an actual domain with “hotel” in it, is KEY. I use bluehost for my website because they integrate with WordPress AND give you a free domain, here’s a discount link for bluehost if you go with them:

Fourth, we start making our simple blog posts with that information on our notepad that we copy & pasted from google maps (everything’s coming full circle). And I showed you how to do this all step-by-step in the video, don’t worry 🙂

Fifth, now we MONETIZE that blog post with a method called affiliate marketing by promoting other companies products and making commissions. The best & highest paying travel affiliate program I could find is and they literally approve everyone INSTANTLY and pay up to 40% commissions – absolutely insane! Then, all you do is add your affiliate link for each hotel to each section of your blog post and you can start making some nice small commissions on auto-pilot!

HOWEVER, what if I told you there’s another way you can make commissions on auto-pilot… but they’re HIGH TICKET commissions instead?! And I’m talking $1000 PER SALE! I literally got one while recording this video – talk about perfect timing! Not to mention, I’ve made OVER 6-figures with this ONE affiliate program!

But the best part? You can get started for just $7!


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