From this video you will know how to make money on Pinterest. Can you get paid from Pinterest if you don’t have any website? You will learn how to make money on Pinterest without a blog and what is my take on affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Learn how do you make money on Pinterest as a graphic designer. And how to earn money on Pinterest by driving traffic, leads and sales to your website.





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If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest as a user, it probably crossed your mind a few times that for all the hours you spent on the platform, it would be great to learn a way of making money on Pinterest.

First, I want to tell you how you can not make money on Pinterest. The influencer model where you get paid for having high number of followers or impressions on your profile doesn’t work on this platform. So if you’ve been thinking you can do like many Instagramers – just post some pretty images, grow your following numbers, get impressions on your images and you’re good to go for sponsored money that’s not gonna work on Pinterest.

I often get questions from people who tell me oh I have a Pinterest account with 5000 pins, and I’ve got about 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest when will I start making money from it and how to do it?

There’s simply no marketplace no any sponsorship platform where you can put your Pinterest account and start receiving requests from companies who want to advertise on your account. It’s just not a thing on Pinterest and you have to deal with it.

So this was how you shouldn’t expect to make money on Pinterest. And. Now, let’s speak about the ways that can actually bring you some extra income or even become your full-time job.

1. Design Pin Images for Others
The first way you can make money on Pinterest will work great for you if you have experience in graphic design. It’s making pin graphics for other people who need them to promote their websites. If you are a graphic designer it will not take you much time at all to create a pin image because pins usually have a pretty simple and standard design.

Often times, your clients will ask you to create for them just the branded pin templates, maybe a package of 10 or 20 templates. So they can reuse them to create their own pins. It’s something like my package of 20 Canva templates for example – I sell it as a digital product on my site and this could also be an option for you. If you are struggling with pin design, and want to buy them, I’ll leave a link to the product in the top right corner and in the description below this video.

So selling pin templates – either as a digital product or with a branding for each individual client, is also an option but of course you’ll earn more with clients who will want you to create every single pin image for them from scratch.

I’ve seen a Pinterest management company charging up to $20 per original pin image and up to $50 for a video pin. Yes, $20 and $50 per a pin, it’s not a monthly package. I am not exaggerating, it’s a big company in the Pinterest marketing space, so if you do a quick research, you will find their site and all these prices there. So they can probably convince clients to pay that much per image or per video pin.

2. Pinterest Account Manager

If you have some experience managing your own account on Pinterest and you achieved quite impressive results doing so, you could start offering Pinterest management to others. Pinterest requires consistency and not all the business owners and not all the bloggers have the time and patience to regularly create and save pins.
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