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Are you looking to make money on YouTube? If you are now is a great time to get started on YouTube, because there are massive opportunities right now, for everyone, to build their channels super quickly.

Today I want to show you how you can earn on YouTube and grow your YouTube channel by simply using other people’s videos, 100% legally and ethically. You can do it on YouTube without showing your face, and without creating videos from scratch.

You can achieve this by editing “creative commons” videos. Many channel owners mark their videos as having a “Creative Commons” (CC) licence. That means that they want others to re-use their videos.

YouTube themselves say that it’s totally fine for creators to re-use other creators’ videos, as long as those videos are marked as “Creative Commons”.

So today I’m showing you a really awesome, easy niche in recipes. And also I am showing exactly how you can re-use other people’s CC videos to create your own recipe videos, grow your channel, and make money on your YouTube channel this way.


0:00 Intro
03:48 Step 1: How to get the free software
07:39 Step 2: How to get videos and find Keywords
13:55 Step 3: How to make the videos
22:45 Step 4: How to upload and Optimize the video

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