Some of the most popular videos on my channel have been my Google Maps videos, so I decided to make a new video that teaches you how to make money using Google Maps in 2020! And this video’s not only gonna be super valuable for you but also super simple to do – Enjoy!

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Summary of this video:

First, we need to open up Google. I personally use Google Chrome and that’s what I suggest using. The nice thing about this strategy is we can search in businesses all over the country, you don’t have to be local or meet them in person. Then, let’s type in a business – I chose Carpenters Minneapolis. Service-based businesses will be the best for this strategy (carpenters, roofers, plumbers, etc.)

Next, we’re looking for businesses that aren’t claimed in Google as our foot in the door. The reason this is a good way to get their attention is that it’s been announced that if your business isn’t claimed in Google my Business, they are at risk of being removed. And if they aren’t claimed, not only are they at risk of being removed, but they can’t reply to bad reviews either (which looks really bad). Once you find a business that isn’t claimed, you will be reaching out to them with the script I gave in the video. You can either call them or contact them on their website.

For those that do respond and are interested in you helping them claim their business, you can use PayPal or Invoicely to send them an invoice for your services. You could charge $100 for this, easily. After that, you could just be done and never talk to them again… OR, you could offer another service for them. And one of the best ones, especially for these types of businesses, is creating a website for them (or a re-design of their current one, because typically they aren’t the best).

IMPORTANT: A lot of the time, businesses won’t even respond to you if you don’t have a domain email and are sending emails from a Gmail email. You can get your own website with hosting with a free domain, and domain email through Bluehost ( this is what I personally use for my own business. It’s not required, but it is definitely suggested.

Why I suggest doing this yourself is because you can learn how to create websites on your own from free YouTube tutorials and then, not only will you look more professional and get more replies from businesses… but you will be able to create these websites for businesses on your own.

Now, if you DON’T do it this way… you can simply go to and type in “WordPress websites” and pay anywhere from $50-$225 to the freelancers on fiverr to build a WordPress website FOR the businesses. That way, you will charge the business $500, pay the freelancer $225 and make a cool $275 profit without even having to do the work yourself. And in a nutshell that’s how to make money using Google Maps in 2020… and truly one of the best ways to make money online/build a real business.

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