Learn how to earn money with Canva and Canva templates. I will show you how to create and sell simple digital products. You can make them in Canva for free and then sell on multiple marketplaces such as Etsy.

Digital templates are in high demand. Everyone these days needs to market their business online – on social media, YouTube, website, etc. And everyone wants their marketing to look good. So, many people are looking for great-looking digital templates such as YouTube intros, Instagram Post templates, and more.

And you can create these templates in Canva for free – Canva is a free tool. Then you can sell those templates online, and this way you can make money from Canva – and it’s free.

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00:29 How Does It Work?
02:18 Step 1: Find Templates to Sell
06:30 Step 2: Create Templates to Sell
09:39 Step 3: List Your Template to Sell
11:19 BONUS: More Ways to Find Template Ideas
14:07 MORE Ways to Earn with Canva


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What is Canva? Canva is a free graphics editing tool, which comes with hundreds of pre-made templates. It has templates such as Instagram Post templates, Facebook header templates, and more.

Using Canva, you can easily create all these types of templates, and then you can sell them on various online marketplaces where people are searching for those templates.

For example, on the marketplace called Etsy, many people are searching for these types of templates. Let’s say someone wants to create a new Facebook Page for their business. They don’t know how to create a nice-looking Facebook Page image. They go to Etsy, and they look for “Facebook Page Template”.

This is exactly how you can make money with Canva templates. You can create these templates, and then sell them digitally on Etsy. You don’t need to deliver them, it’s just a digital download.

So in this video I will show you how to find awesome opportunities on Etsy for templates that are easy to create and are in high demand.

Then, I will show you how to create those templates in Canva, and how to sell them so that you can earn money selling them.

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Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)

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