This is episode 1 of a new series on my channel about how to make money with Print on Demand. It’ll be at least a 3 episode series where I’ll be teaching you what Print on Demand is, how to start your Print on Demand store, create designs, get traffic, and how to make money with NO MONEY! Enjoy πŸ™‚

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0:00.- Intro
0:30 – How Print on Demand Works
2:24 – What is Spreadshop?
4:20 – What To Expect in the Series?
5:14 – Let’s Start Our Print on Demand Business Together
6:07 – Create Designs
7:37 – Canva/Design Tutorial
12:07 – Upload Designs
12:47 – Edit Products & Designs
14:48 – Choose Username
14:59 – Setup & Design Shop
21:15 – End Result


I’m super excited for you to see this video because like I said, it’s episode 1 of a brand new series I’m starting on my channel that teaches you how to make money with Print on Demand. And I truly believe you’re going to love this brand new series because print on demand is truly one of the best ways to make money online, especially as a beginner… since you can pretty much do it completely free!

However, if you’re asking “what is print on demand?” let me explain that really quick before we move forward. So basically, print on demand is this process where you can simply create a design, work with a print on demand company (Spreadshop in our video) and then they allow you to upload that design and add it to a ton of different merchandise, automatically. Then, every time someone buys one of your products, that company processes the sale for you, prints your design on the whatever product the person bought, ships the product, and then you just get a cut of the sale.

So now that you understand what print on demand is, before you can open up your shop and start making money with print on demand… you have to create your account with Spreadshop. You can use this link to create your free account now:

After creating your account, it’s time to create our first design. There are a couple ways to find PROVEN & trending designs that will be able to make you money… but before that – you have to know HOW to actually create the designs. And there are also a couple ways to do that. 1, you can do it yourself… or 2, you can pay someone to do it. If you want to do it yourself, I suggest Canva (which is what we use – linked in the resources above) or simply pay someone $5 on Fiverr to do it for you – this is who I suggest using if you go that route:

Once you have your design picked out, you have to upload it and then pick which products you want to display on your shop. They have over 100 different products you can choose from. I’m talking anything from clothing, masks, mugs, cups, hats, etc. and your design is printed on the products you choose, instantly.

Lastly, you need to design your shop. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds because Spreadshop makes it so simple to do. You literally just change a couple options, pick a few colors, enter a couple lines of text, and BOOM… you have your own merch shop 100% FREE!! This is why print on demand is so powerful.

So there you go, that’s episode 1 of “How To Make Money with Print on Demand!” But if this got you hyped and you’re ready to get started with your own print on demand shop (or you want to check out my merch shop) check out the links below:

Start Your Shop & Make Money with Print on Demand:

My Merch Shop:


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