Here’s how to make money with YouTube Shorts in 2022, even without making videos yourself from scratch. I will show you the best way to monetize YouTube Shorts, and to grow your channel using YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a new feature, and a great opportunity to quickly grow your channel and earn money on YouTube. YT Shorts are very viral, and usually get tons of views, and today I want to show you how to monetize your YouTube shorts videos, starting from zero.


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Youtube shorts are a great way to grow your channel. Shorts videos go viral, because quite often people watch the same video 20 times, and the videos are very short. Also, they play on repeat. So on average, per person per hour, YouTube is able to show probably 10x more “Shorts” videos than normal videos.

That’s why it’s quite easy to get your video to “blow up” on Youtube when you follow a “Shorts” format video instead of making normal length videos.

So if you want to grow your YouTube channel and make money on YouTube, today I will show you how to monetize YouTube shorts.

First, I will show you how to find an awesome niche. I even have 2 pre-made niches for you – Excel tutorials and Side Hustle / Work From Home jobs niches.

You can make Shorts videos in these niches even without ever appearing on camera.

Next, I will show you how you can make the actual YouTube shorts video by either using your smartphone or your desktop, all using 100% free tools.

Finally, I will give you a complete step by step plan for what to do to start your channel from zero and grow and monetize it.

Thanks for watching!

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00:58 YouTube Shorts Viral Examples
03:42 How Much Money Can You Make
09:50 Good Niches to Choose
13:24 Finding Keywords & Topics
16:58 How to Make YT Shorts Videos
19:53 Upload the Video
21:18 Getting Monetized & Action Plan

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