Are you unsure what Google’s Core Web Vitals are or do you know what they are and are looking to optimize your site for them? Either way, you have found the guide for you! Google’s Core Web Vitals is Google’s initiative to help website owners improve user experience and quality on their website. In this video, we’ll explain what Google’s Core Web Vitals are and how to optimize your WordPress site for Google’s Core Web Vitals.

The three primary quality tests for Google’s Web vitals are:

Largest Contentful Paint(LCP)
First Input Delay(FID)
Cumulative Layout Shift(CLS)

Largest Contentful Paint covers how quickly the main content becomes visible to your users as your site can load fast but the largest content on your site may have a delay before it shows to your users.

First Input Delay measures how long it takes a user’s browser to actually be able to process events from user interaction.

Cumulative Layout Shift measures how long it takes for a site to become stable, this would be when users try to load a page but different sections shift during the loading process.

You can test a page’s core web vitals using Google’s Page Seed Insights tool on the URL below:

If you would prefer to test your entire site, you would go under Google Search Console, and under Enhancements, there should be a section labeled Core Web Vitals.

Depending on what you are looking to improve we have a few different resources that you would find helpful below:

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00:00 How to optimize core web vitals for WordPress
00:31 What are core web vitals
01:36 What is large contentful paint?
02:08 What does first input delay mean?
02:29 what is cumulative layout shift?
02:59 how do you test your core web vitals?
03:14 test your site with pagespeed insights
03:45 use Google Search Console to see core web vitals on all your pages
03:58 use lighthouse to test your CWV
04:42 how to use hosting to improve your CWV
05:25 how to improve your CLP
05:56 how to improve your FID
06:38 how to improve your CLS
07:25 how to eliminate render blocking elements
08:09 tip #6 properly size your images to improve CWV
08:26 tip #7 use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve CWV
09:07 how to track website performance

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