How to sell on Etsy & earn up to $3000 per month!

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There are a lot of successful shops that sell digital products and generate up to $3000 per month and even more.

Using the right keywords from Seller-Way “Keywords” tool caused this growth in the store that you see at the beginning of this video.

Setting Your Store Up For Success:

If you do not know what digital products to sell (or what keywords to use) on Etsy, you can Analyze other shops using this tool.

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It can help you save your time and start creating listings that convert. Most of the tools are FREE, they have also paid tools. But you can try them ALL using 3-day Trial period:

On Etsy, it is all about Good SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It will help your listings rank higher on Etsy search. The more people can see your listing, the higher the chance for it to be purchased.

Once you find the niche you can start creating trending products and use the proper keywords so people can find your digital items.

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