Let’s talk about the RIGHT way to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021 by having a proper channel homepage!

0:00 Your Gaming Channel Homepage
0:58 What is a good YouTube channel banner?
1:28 Having a good channel icon
1:54 What should your YouTube channel trailer be?
2:45 Which YouTube playlists should be on your homepage?
4:15 How to get YouTube channel coaching
4:32 How to make a “New to This Channel?” playlist
5:30 How to setup your YouTube homepage
7:46 Why you should use the YouTube Community Tab

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If you want to be taken seriously as a content creator on YouTube, it’s important that your YouTube homepage is setup properly. Having your branding, a strong value proposition, a good trailer, and compelling playlists are things that every channel should have.

If you want to grow your gaming channel in 2021, you want to niche down to become an expert on a game. Then you can break up your various series in different playlists such as one for Let’s Plays, one for Funny Moments, one for Tutorials, etc.

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