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Etsy sellers really like to learn about Pinterest. And I am not surprised they do! Pinterest is a platform where handmade, DIY and home décor, art, all kinds of pintables and unique products are in the top list of popular categories.
The audience on Pinterest is really into all things that are commonly sold on Etsy.
So it would be a crime to ignore this platform if you are an etsy seller! but how do you get successful on Pinterest and how can you drive traffic and sales to your Etsy store?

That’s what I’m going to talk about today, and I’ll show you several examples of Etsy shops that are really successful on Pinterest!

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I’d like to give you 7 important tips that will make your Pinterest account efficient for driving traffic and sales to your Etsy shop.

1. Use a Business Account on Pinterest

First, if you are quite new on Pinterest, or if you used it for saving some ideas and images matching your own interests before, you might think you can simply use your personal account and start saving pins linked to your Etsy products. This is a mistake. Because using a personal account for promoting any kind of business, is against Pinterest’s Terms of Service, so you can even get your account suspended for this. And second, Business accounts on Pinterest are free to use and they give you a lot more options compared to personal accounts, like you’ll be able to track your Pinterest analytics and run Pinterest ads.

For an Etsy shop, you have a simple process that allows you to verify your store on Pinterest in just a couple of clicks. You will go to your Pinterest account settings, then click on Claim and choose Etsy. If you are logged in to your Etsy store in the same browser, you will simply click on Claim and your account will be automatically linked to your shop.

Once you have a claimed Etsy store on your Pinterest account, you’ll start seeing analytics for your pins linked to your Etsy products.

What’s great in case of Etsy and Pinterest, you normally don’t need to do anything to make Rich pins for your products start working. They will be automatically enabled because Etsy is very well integrated with Pinterest. Rich pins will pull titles and descriptions, as well as the price of your products, which is really good for getting more traffic from Pinterest, since your titles and descriptions on Etsy usually include all the best keywords you might want to be found for.

2. Create Curated Boards

The second tip is especially important for small Etsy shops – if you have just one type of products to sell, it will limit your growth on Pinterest because you’ll be only able to create a few boards targeting your exact product type. What you can do to attract the right type of audience to your account is create related boards and repin to them content that would inspire, educate your potential customers or simply show them things related to their lifestyle and their interests.

I’ll give you a more specific example. If you have an Etsy shop selling eco-friendly homemade soap, you could create a couple of boards targeting keywords about homemade soap and that would be it. Really not so easy to keep growing your account when you are so limited to one product line. What you could do in this case is creating various boards that embrace eco-friendly living in general and curate boards like Eco-Friendly Gifts, Eco-Friendly Home Ideas, Zero-Waste Living and so on.

Keep in mind that you are not only attracting the right type of followers to your account using these curated boards, but you also give your own products additional chances to show up on Pinterest to people who searched for similar things.

You can save your homemade soap product pins first to the most relevant boards that actually have the keyword soap in the title, but then you can also add to the pin titles these additional related keywords and make your pins relevant to other boards too.

Watch the video to learn all the tips…