How to use Pinterest for Personal Finance and Money Niche: Some Bloggers Make Over $100k/mo!


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Over $100k/mo or more blogging! These numbers sound completely mind-blowing. And often times, when we hear about income reports with over 100 thousand USD a month, they are all from the personal finance and money niche.

No wonder why! People always want to earn more, and to learn more about making money, managing their finances the right way. And Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic generating platforms for a lot of personal finance and money bloggers. I will show you in this video how some of the most successful blogs in this niche use Pinterest.

It’s one of those niches which will always get a ton of attention and as much as I said everyone wants to make more money, the majority of global population is pretty much ignorant when it comes to managing their money, so there is always a demand for learning more about personal finances.

So on the one hand, we have a never-ending interest of audience to this niche, and on the other hand, we have banks, credit cards, investment platforms and other players on the market who are ready to inject a ton of money in advertising and marketing, to acquire a customer.

This combination helps money bloggers generate those incredible income reports. Today I will show you how Pinterest platform helps some of the most successful money bloggers attract a great amount of traffic. I’ll switch to my screen now to show you their Pinterest accounts.

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