Finally! The Instagram Insights Explained for 2020. In this video, I’m showing you how you can use your insights to increase engagement on Instagram. We’re going over the difference between Reach and Impressions and what you should be studying when looking at your insights to help you grow on Instagram!

How to actually grow on Instagram in 2020:

Instagram Hacks you didn’t know existed:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Shoutouts
0:49 Quick video breakdown (for IG creator accounts)
1:17 Definition of Insights terminology related to in-feed posts
1:35 Definition of Insights terminology related to stories posts
2:05 Definition of Insights terminology related to both in-feed posts & stories
2:56 The difference between Reach & Impressions
4:11 Screen recording: Overview of the Instagram insights section
5:32 How to accurately track your Instagram growth
6:37 How to study your post analytics to increase engagement. What two things to look at when studying them!!
10:08 Studying story insights and how to increase your views on stories
11:00 The difference between ‘Next’ and ‘Forward’
11:11 The final trick when it comes to studying your insights so you can see the most growth

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