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Today I want to show you how to earn money from home using the power of Amazon. There are millions of people every single day who are looking to buy super-simple “puzzle books” on Amazon. And you can create these puzzle and maze books by using a simple software.

Once you create the puzzle PDF with this software, you can upload it and publish it on Amazon. Some of these PDF’s make over $200,000 in revenue.


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If you want to learn some easy ways to make money, selling digital downloads on Amazon could be what you’re looking for. When you create a PDF, you can sell it on the Amazon store as a hard-cover or paperback book by simply uploading it to Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle and Amazon will take care of printing your book and mailing it out to the buyer.

So with this method everyone can make money online in 2022 by simply finding out what PDF’s would be in high demand, and creating those PDFs.

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Greg Kononenko

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