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Summary of this video:

So like I said what we’re going to be doing in this video is making money just by simply watching videos.And how it works is we are going to go to a specific website, create a free account, and then we just pick a type of video, watch those videos and get points.Then, we can trade in those points for different gift cards, I usually take amazon gift cards and buy things for my business, but you can also get PayPal money and transfer it to your bank account if you want to do it that way.

The website we’re using is The nice thing about this website is you can make money other ways than just watching videos. My absolute favorite thing about swagbucks is their referral program. You can refer someone and you both get a free $3, plus 10% of lifetime earnings – it’s a great way to earn some passive income. The reason I’m telling you this first is because you can use my referral link (if you want to) and get a free $3. If you don’t want the free money, you can just go to swagbucks and create your free account. But if you do, you can get your free $3 here:

Now, before we actually start earning I just want to prove to you that this site is legit since I know 50% of the comments are going to ask that question anyways. So for starters they’ve paid their members over 441 million dollars, there’s over 30,000 reviews on the app store and 40,000 on the google play store, they are ranked #8 eCommerce shopping platforms on the entire internet, and they have over 18 million monthly visitors. But even if that doesn’t convince you, I have literally withdrawn points from swagbucks myself, used the points for an amazon gift card, and purchased a ringlight from amazon. so I know for a fact… it’s LEGIT. At this point, if you think otherwise… you’re just making excuses and you should just leave lol but if you’re an action taker… let’s get this money!

Alright, so now that you know it’s definitely legit and you’ve already created your account, all we gotta do now is watch videos and make money. So what we want to do is click on “watch” and then you choose a video type that interests you, and click it. You are going to have to watch 3 short videos ~40 seconds. However, you don’t actually have to watch the videos, you don’t even need the sound on or anything. You can even use the phone app and do multiple videos at the same time… or just watch more of my YouTube videos while doing this in the background for some sweet passive income. 🙂

But if you really don’t want to watch videos to make money, you can do tons of other things to earn money with swagbucks. You can do surveys (not my cup of tea) but you can also check out the trending section where you can find some big money earners there. Although, one of my favorite ways to earn money with is by playing games. I know a lot of people play games on their phones already, so you may as well get paid for it.

However, you can definitely make some decent money with this method… but at the end of the day, you’re just trading your time for money and in the last 30 days alone I’ve made over $15,000 on complete auto-pilot (from the comfort of my own home) with the program below…


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