Today I’m going to show you how you can make money online watching YouTube videos… but the best part is, it’s 100% FREE to do and it’s available WORLDWIDE! Enjoy 🙂 Follow me on IG @ThomasGaretz

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Summary of this video:

So like I said, in this video, I’m going to be showing you how to make money online watching YouTube videos. And how it works is we are going to go to a specific website, that website will give us points for watching YouTube videos. Then, on another website we will exchange those points for social engagement on a social engagement exchange website and then people/companies will pay us for that engagement. The reason people/companies are willing to pay for social engagement is because the more engagement they have, the more people the algorithm will show their posts to.

First, you’ll want to go to and create a free account. There are a ton of ways you can exchange engagement to get points – so if you want to do other things besides watching YouTube videos you definitely can. But for this video, we’re going to watch YouTube videos – so you’ll just choose the “YouTube Views” option.

After that, you will come to a page that shows how many seconds you have to watch the YouTube video for, and how many points you will receive. Most of them will be equal to around 150 seconds for 40 points per video. And literally all you have to do is click view video and watch it until the timer is at 150/150 and the points will get added to your total. So that’s pretty self explanatory, right? I’d suggest doing this until you have 1000 points, which is only 800 more points than where you start.

So let’s do some quick math – if we do 800 (total points we need) divided by 40 (the points per video) that equals 20 videos you’ll have to watch to reach 1000 points. Then you multiply that 20 videos times the amount of time it takes for each video, so 150 seconds – that’s 3000 total seconds. Then, you just divide that by 60 seconds (which is 1 minute) that will equal 50 minutes. So by literally watching videos on YouTube I’m going to show you how in that 50 minutes you can make more money than most jobs will pay for multiple hours from working a job that you HATE… and it could even be more money than you would make in an entire day depending where you’re at in the world!

Now, the next website is called and you’ll create your free account here too. PlayerUp is where you can trade social engagement for real money. So you’ll want to go to “all other marketplaces” – click F – go to Facebook – and click Buy/Sell Facebook Likes. After that, you’ll just create a post and sell 200 likes for anywhere from $20-$50 (I would start low for your first time).

Finally, this is what brings it all together – you’ll go back to AddMeFast and click “add site/page” and go to Facebook likes. After that, you just enter in the FB page of who purchased 200 likes from PlayerUp, enter in 200 total clicks (clicks=likes) and change the CPC to 5 (CPC=the amount of points you give for every like) which is why I said you should get 1000 total points, because if we multiply 200 (total likes) times 5 (points per like) that’s 1000 points. And BOOM – that’s how you can make $20-$50 FREE dollars in less than ONE HOUR!

However, at the end of the day… you’re still trading your time for money. Don’t get me wrong… working from home is far better than working at regular job. But no one wants to do that their entire life (I know I didn’t!) so you HAVE to find a way to make money online WITHOUT trading your TIME for MONEY!

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