In this video, I’m going to show you how to make money re-uploading YouTube videos. My last video actually showed you the 5 best niches for re-uploading YouTube videos in 2021 and the luxury niche was one that ya’ll asked me to do full video on, so here it is! Enjoy 🙂 Follow me on IG @ThomasGaretz

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Resources mentioned in this video:

MorningFame ➜
Vid Structure ➜
Script Writer ➜
Voiceover ➜
Video Editor ➜
Mic #1 ➜
Mic #2 ➜
Paid Editing Software ➜
Free Editing Software ➜


0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Overview
4:54 – Step #1: Video Topic
7:56 – Step #2: Write a Script
11:11 – Step #3: Record a Voiceover
15:11 – Step #4: Download Clips
18:06 – Step #5: Edit it together
19:46 – Step #6: Monetize
21:36 – **BONUS**
24:03 – Watch The Free YT Course

Overview of this video:

When it comes to making money on YouTube without showing your face, especially if you plan on re-uploading YouTube videos… you have to do things in a very specific way in 2021. And in this video, I’m going to go deep on the step-by-step process to do so.

Step #1, we have to find a video topic. There are many ways to do this, but I personally use a tool called MorningFame (linked in the resources above) because that tool alone is what changed the game for my channel. But you can also re-create the most popular videos from similar channels and make videos on already trending topics (using tools like: Twitter & Google Trends).

Step #2, it’s absolutely KEY that you write a script (especially if it’s on a topic that you aren’t knowledgeable in). However, when it comes to this step or step 3/4… make sure you play into your STRENGTHS and outsource your weaknesses. I have links to the best freelancers (on a budget) that you can find on Fiverr for each of those things. Just make sure you plan the structure before writing your script, I have a structure example linked in the resources above as well.

Step #3, doing a voiceover is quite simple when you aren’t actually recording your face. Just make sure you have a somewhat decent microphone picked out, because audio is everything. Then, you just simply record your voiceover on a voice memo or inside your video editor (we used Camtasia to do this).

Step #4, downloading the clips is actually the easy part once you have the script & voiceover finished because you just re-upload other videos from YouTube and on pexels/pixabay that make sense on top of the voiceover (i.e. if you talk about a sports car, show a clip of a sports car).

Step #5, as for video editing… this is something that is very simple – but time consuming. I wouldn’t blame you for outsourcing it, but it’s also a good skill to learn (so you know what good & bad editing actually looks like). If you do it yourself, you just use the clips you downloaded and edit them on top of the voiceover where it makes sense (just like how you grabbed clips that make sense).

Step #6, monetizing is the most important step and I always suggest to monetize with affiliate marketing. It’s truly most simple way to make money online, you just focus on getting people to click on your links. Unfortunately, this niche focuses heavily on YouTube ad revenue to monetize which makes this niche not a bad niche – just not the best if you’re BRAND new.

Conclusion, if you are BRAND new… I’d start with the first link in the description — — this is the best way to learn the skills needed to start your online business & make money online with affiliate marketing.

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