In this video, I show you how to make motivational Instagram Reels using ChatGPT, Premiere Pro, VEED, and Google.

Watch the result:

You’ll also learn how I find and repurpose clips from podcasts and YouTube videos, how I record Instagram Reels, what gear I used to film the Reels, and then I’ll show you all the tools I use for every step of the content creation process.

Making Instagram Reels is becoming an easier and easier process thanks to specific artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, VEED, and Adobe Tools, so in this video, I show you how to harness the power of VEED and ChatGPT to create a full motivational Instagram Reels ready to be posted on Instagram and get lots of views.

Everything I cover in the video:
00:00 Intro
00:12 Why Make Motivational Reels
00:32 Value Packed
00:41 The 2 Paths…
01:19 How to Find Clips
01:55 Searching the video transcript for clips
03:04 How to Write the Scripts
03:32 Why You Need Strong Opinions
03:56 a Common Mistake
04:42 My Custom ChatGPT Instructions
04:53 How to Record your Reels
06:36 Premiere Pro Sequence Settings
07:36 Enhancing the Audio
09:16 Doing the Rough Cut in Premiere Pro
09:33 Color Correction
10:18 Editing with VEED
11:22 How to add Music from Instagram to your Reel
13:02 Adding Automatic Subtitles in VEED
14:40 Styling your Reel
15:54 Adding B-Roll to your Reel
16:46 Adding a Progress Bar
17:21 How to Add a subtle Text Watermark
18:26 Checking the Safe Zones
19:13 Adding Movement to the Video
19:41 Exporting your Motivational Reel

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Adobe Audio Enhancer –
Dropover –

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