In today’s video, I’m showing you the NEW Instagram Reels Updates…I mean we’re talking about EVERYTHING new. How to get the music option working on Instagram Reels, How to remove the TikTok logo from your videos, pausing Reels AND SO MUCH MORE

Reels Tutorial:
How to edit videos using InShot:

How to get screen record option on iPhone:

0:00 Intro
0:13 Shout outs
0:50 Disclaimer for different IG Account profiles and iPhone vs Android.
1:20 How do you add Reels back to your grid after posting? How to add Reels to IG feed?
2:08 Why does my video quality go down when I post an Instagram Reel? How to fix upload quality
3:07 Can you tag people in your Reels?
3:22 How to edit Instagram Reels from your drafts?
3:55 Why are business accounts not getting the music option?
4:45 How to get the music option for Instagram Reels?
6:05 How to get TikTok logo off videos for Instagram Reels?
8:12 How to pause Instagram Reels
9:43 How to make 30 second Instagram Reels instead of 15
9:56 How to use someone elses audio on Instagram Reels?
10:30 How to save an audio for later on Instagram Reels

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