If you are starting a YouTube channel you may be wondering what you should do in your first month. The answer may surprise you but it’s one I completely agree with!

0:00 – Answer the question
0:35 – Quality Vs Quantity: what the community said
1:53 – What @Marques Brownlee says about this
3:06 – Early quantity leads to future quality
4:51 – Focusing on yourself before your audience (to start with)
6:07 – What the community says about quality vs quantity
6:55 – One video a month or one video a day for a month?

Check out Luria Petrucci @Live Streaming Pros:
Check out the full MKBHD interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcG9Xm5YSzY

Starting a new YouTube channel? Creating a new youtube channel? Lost on where to start as a new YouTube channel? In this video we talk about how to start a YouTube channel with a strategy that might seem opposite to what is often suggested. Quality Vs Quantity: is it always best to aim for quality over quantity? Well there is a very well known tech YouTuber, MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) who offers an excellent explanation as to why it’s better to make more videos first than it is to make quality videos.

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