You can generate tons of leads through many different channels, but they aren’t all equal. The real question is, are paid ads or SEO better for lead generation?


00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Pros Of Paid Ads
01:50 – Cons Of Paid Ads
03:15 – Pros Of SEO
05:01 – Cons Of SEO
06:16 – Which One Has Best Roi? Paid Ads or SEO
07:40 – Quite Of A Temporary Solution To Do With The SEO To Get More Organic Traffic.
08:25 – Bottom Line: Paid Ads Are Great, But When It Comes To “Time” SEO is The Guy.

Paid ads are a great way for you to get results in the short term. You can get targeted traffic to your website from day one, but it comes at a cost. On the other hand, SEO can bring you traffic to your website for free, for long periods of time.

So in other words, if you stop spending money on SEO, you still get the traffic. And if you don’t pay an agency like mine, NP digital to get you that traffic, you can do it yourself for free. So before we dive into which one has better return on investment, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each of them.

Pros of paid ads, fast results. As soon as you start the campaign, you can start getting clicks. May not always be profitable, but you can get clicks. The data that you get from the campaigns is amazing and you get the data fast.

You can get a clear picture of which keywords are working, what are best for you from a demographic standpoint, geography standpoint and that way you can optimize for that in real time. And I love the targeting. With paid ads, you can have as many options with targeting as you want.

From not just being state-based, you can also target city specifics or country specifics, even within a certain radius of your business. Not only that, you can personalize almost each in every single area of your segmentation. That allows you to fine tune relevant messaging, according to each form of segmentation. And that’s easy to do with paid ads.

Now here’s the cons, right? We went down the pros, there are some cons as well. You have to spend money, or you’re not really going to get anything from it. That’s the sad part. Needless to say that if you don’t have the money to spend on ads and ads aren’t for you.

Well that’s okay, but keep in mind, some ads are highly profitable. If they weren’t, people wouldn’t keep doing them. And if you’re willing to just spend a little bit of money up front, or you sign up for some of those hosting companies that give it to you for free, you’ll be able to figure out really quickly, if you can generate money from your paid ads.

But here’s another con. Even though you’re generating revenue from it and you can scale up really quickly, it typically starts costing more and more money as you scale up. I’m not talking about spending more money. Of course, you’re going to spend money because you’re scaling up. But your cost per lead, your cost per visitor, your cost per conversion, it keeps typically going up as time goes on when you’re scaling up or time just goes on.

You know, if I go back 10 years ago, CPCs were really cheap. Now they’re expensive. Heck next year, even more expensive. Heck, during COVID, things still went up in cost. The cost per customer continually goes up. And you need to keep spending more money to acquire customers over time. And that’s why you have to optimize your funnel.

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