Pinterest Ads – How to Easily Create Video Pins with InVideo and Get Traffic to your Website. Learn how how you can use video pins as Pinterest ads to get actual traffic and conversions, and not just views on your video?

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Are you wondering which types of Pinterest ads are really efficient? Have you tried video ads on Pinterest?

If you had, you may be noticed that video ads don’t seem to generate a lot of traffic to your website. So, the big question is – how do you use video pins as Pinterest ads to get actual traffic and conversions, and not just views on your video?

Why You Should Try Promoted Video Pins?

When you do a keyword search on Pinterest, you will most likely stumble upon promoted ads. These promoted pins usually are the first few pins that you will see. And I can tell you now that promoted video pins will immediately attract users’ attention because they are moving. Promoted pins are also sometimes better because when you click on it, it will go directly to your website and not open another Pinterest page where your pin is enlarged. 

Promoted video pins can be used for all kinds of marketing goals be it brand awareness or conversion campaigns. You can also choose a specific type of audience, keyword, or interest to make sure that you are targeting and reaching the right users. 

How To Start A Video Campaign on Pinterest

If you go to Pinterest and try to create an ad, you will open this page and you will see different campaign objectives. You will see that they will offer you video views and you will think that this is the most logical solution for you, but I do not recommend using this format because this will just, as it says, drive views to your video. This means that you will get a lot of impressions and a lot of views on the video but it does not mean that you will get a lot of traffic.
If you want to get actual traffic to your site, you need to choose traffic or conversions. Conversions are not available for new accounts. You need to first generate enough conversions through traffic campaigns but once you reach a specific limit they require, you will also be able to use conversion campaigns. But for now, you can choose traffic campaigns and it will basically work the same exact way as if you were selecting a regular image pin. The only difference is that it will be a video format.

Once you have your campaign name, you can see the targeting field and here, you have audiences created for your account. You can select one of your audiences that is generated from your website visitors or other audiences that you can create in this Pinterest ad cabinet. 

If you keep scrolling, you will also find other targeting options like interests. For example, you can select that you want to show these pins to people who are interested in beauty. Then, when you go to the Keywords field, you can select as many keywords as you wish you can but Pinterest recommends having at least 25 keywords per campaign.

You can also be more specific with targeting your audiences such as choosing their gender, location, and age group. You will see on the top right how quickly the potential audience size reduces once you get more specific. 

After you launch your campaign, the Pinterest team will take a little bit of time to review your ad which can take a couple of business days. Once the ad is live, you will see it in your Reporting under the Ads menu. Then you will select Objective from the dropdown tab, and since we are trying to drive traffic, it will be under the Traffic option.

InVideo is an online tool that allows you to really quickly and easily create video graphics. It has three different modes you can use. You have Pre-made templates that have over 3000 templates in different formats and each template can be used for different social media. They also have an interesting feature called Article-to-Video which is basically you add your post URL or page from your website and this tool will automatically generate a video using the text and images from your page. And of course, you always have this option to create your graphics or videos right from scratch using a blank template. 

So in creating video pins, you can start with a blank template 9×16 is the perfect size of a video pin for Pinterest. It is also a best practice to put your text on top of your pins so that it will be the first thing your audience will see. You can also add more than one image or video on the pin you are making and InVideo has a library of over 1 million images of images and videos to choose from.
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