How fast you can get traffic to your blog from Pinterest as a beginner?
I am confident that you can reach 25,000 monthly sessions to your blog or even more, within 4-6 months just with Pinterest traffic.

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From this video, you will learn how to use Pinterest for your blog, and how to get traffic from Pinterest in a matter of months!
How do I know it?
Well, I was able to get over 170,000/mo pageviews to my first blog with Pinterest free traffic on 11th month and 74,000/mo pageviews on the fourth month with my second blog. And you might think I was just lucky.

You will see in this video, how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog even as a beginner. Some of the bloggers shared their best Pinterest blogging tips and showed you how to promote website on Pinterest the right way.

But it’s not about me only! I went to a popular Facebook group for bloggers and asked people how much time did it take them to join Mediavine advertising network with Pinterest traffic.

Now if you don’t know yet, Mediavine is an ad network that pays about 7 to 10 times better than Google Adsense, that’s why joining Mediaivine is the first goal for so many beginner bloggers.
And you know what? In less than 24 hours, at least 20 bloggers told me that they managed to join Mediavine within a few months after they started using Pinterest strategically.
Keep in mind that most of these bloggers were just beginners and worked on their blogs only in their free time. They were NOT full-time bloggers, they just started their blogs to see how it goes.
So, if you had any doubts about free Pinterest traffic being the best way to start growing a blog, I gathered for you a solid proof in this video.
I grouped all the bloggers based on their niches to show you that you can do it in some many niches. Some of the bloggers were kind enough to also share what they think were their best secrets that helped then get traffic so fast. I will share their tips in this video as well.
Just in case you want to check all the blogs and links in detail, I have a blog post on my site on this topic and you’ll find the full list of bloggers there. You can check the link to the blog post in the right top corner of the screen if you click on the Info icon. But I will also give you a link in the description below the video.
However, keep in mind that a lot of blogs succeeding on Pinterest are not easy to be categorized in any niche – they are very broad, and this actually helps them get even more traffic from Pinterest!