Pinterest for eCommerce 2020 – 5 WORST MISTAKES That Cost you Pinterest Sales. Learn how to create a Pinterest marketing strategy to get traffic to Shopify, Etsy and other types of eCommerce sites.



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Are you seeing your competitors doing great on Pinterest? Do you also want to drive traffic and sales from this platform to your eCommerce site?

But from what I see all over the place is that eCommerce site owners really struggle with understanding how to approach Pinterest. They make a ton of mistakes and often miss a lot of opportunities because they are trying to apply the same strategies they have used on other platforms.
In this video, I will show you how your marketing on Pinterest should be different and will cover the most typical mistakes eCommerce sites make on Pinterest, that can cost them wasted time and effort, lost traffic, and sales.

So if you have an eCommerce site and you don’t see how Pinterest could work for you, you should look around better – a lot of shops in your niche might be already on Pinterest.

And you could probably miss a huge potential because the majority of Pinterest users are in the United States, so it’s an audience with a purchasing power above the global average, and 83% of weekly active Pinterest users said they made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest. That’s right I said 83% (!) of the weekly active users. Meaning they are using Pinterest platform at least once a week.

And I know for sure there will be at least one comment below the video asking where I’ve got these stats – as long as I can’t give you a long link right here in the video, I will give you the link to the source of this statistics in the blog post that I published on my site to compliment this video with a written text for those of you who like to read. You’ll find a link to my post in the description below the video.

I promised you to show the biggest mistakes eCommerce sites make when they start their Pinterest accounts.

And the first mistake is very common:

1. Applying Strategies from other platforms on Pinterest

Ok, I might sound like a boring school teacher now but if you are not ready to invest your time and effort into Pinterest because for you, it’s yet another platform, and you just hope to set a Pinterest account in half an hour, automate some stuff and forget about it for the next 6 months, you better close this video now.

You are going to waste 15 minutes watching my tips and you will not implement anything and will not get any results on Pinterest if you treat it like your last priority on the list of other platforms to market your products.

So, most of the mistakes eCommerce sites make on Pinterest are just the consequence of this very first mistake. People assume it should not take any time and effort but at the same time they somehow expect extraordinary results. And when they don’t get them, they say oh Pinterest is useless – it doesn’t work for our site or our niche. Well, most probably YOU didn’t make it work. Which is good for your competitors, they will get more traffic and sales from Pinterest.

2. Using “BAD” Images that Don’t Work on Pinterest

I will explain what I mean by this. You can’t imagine how strong is the push back I receive from eCommerce site owners when I say you have to create images optimized for Pinterest – high-quality vertical images, and ideally they should have a text overlay in the top part of the pin.

eCommerce site owners send me emails, ask me questions on Youtube, on Facebook, even some students who already enrolled into my paid Pinterest course, are still doubting they should add the text overlay and they should make vertical images.
Using Images without any Text Overlay

This is part of the image design but I though it would be really worth mentioning as a separate point. Because I’ve see shops that invested some extra time into creating vertical lifestyle images for Pinterest as opposed to small horizontal product photos on a white background, which is already a big step forward. But then they don’t add any text overlay to their pins.

In my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course I have a module specifically for eCommerce sites, and there I show examples of text overlay that will help you generate more clicks your pins. The idea behind adding a text overlay is showing the user what they should expect on your site when they click, and also giving them a call to action.