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Pinterest was known as a place for inspiration and most of the content that was surfaced on the platform was linked to blogs and informational websites. But in the last year, Pinterest has been clearly shifting to become a platform where people are not just in the discovery mode and getting inspiration but more so in a buyer mode.

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1. Shop Tab for All Keywords

First of all, maybe you noticed that for any search on Pinterest you now have these two tabs with results and one of them is called Shop. If you click on it, Pinterest will only show you product pins here with price tag on them. And I used vegan recipes keyword on purpose because even for a keyword that you wouldn’t expect a buyer intent in it, Pinterest anyway shows the Shop tab. And you can find in the products here all these meal plans, ebooks and sometimes even physical foods to buy.

2. First Keyword Suggestion Leads to Shop Tab

Another way Pinterest is driving users towards eCommerce stores is by keyword suggestions. When you start typing something on Pinterest, you’ll see that for lots of keywords the first thing that shows up in suggested popular keywords has this little tag icon on it. And if you click on this keyword, it will open you the Shop tab by default.

3. Little White Dots Linked to Product Pins

The next thing Pinterest did just recently, maybe in the last couple of months is adding these little dots that show up on regular image pins and are linked to some related product pins.
This happens automatically on the level of Pinterest algorithm. I am showing you how it looks in home décor niche because it’s the one that has been affected by this at the biggest extent and it’s the first niche where we started noticing these little dots with product pins attached.

4. Pinterest is Improving Integrations with eCommerce Platforms

The first thing businesses are worried about when they get on Pinterest is how to enable Rich pins. The great news is that for the most popular e-Commerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy the process will be easy and straightforward. You can go to your Business account settings and find buttons to verify your Etsy shop or Shopify store using a special App Shopify and Pinterest created in a partnership.

5. Conversion Insights

There is a new tab in Pinterest analytics that is aimed at helping users with a Verified Merchant account track the efficiency of their pins, both organic and paid. With this tool you’ll be able to see better how Pinterest contributing to your sales and email list growth.
This has always been an issue with tracking conversions from Pinterest. They just seem to get completely lost in Google Analytics. So I guess, Pinterest is now trying to track this in their native analytics to show how Pinterest traffic can actually help with conversions.
I wish I could show you how this works in my account but unfortunately, I currently have this tag issue and I think it’s because I don’t have an actual eCommerce store attached to my account. So there is no data I could send for things like product ID. I think only works for Verified Merchants anyway so doesn’t apply to my Pinterest account. But it could be really interesting for you if you do have an eCommerce shop.
So a lot of things have changed in the last on Pinterest in regards to how this platform now clearly gives priority distribution to eCommerce pins and there is a great opportunity for you to join the platform and grow your sales and income with your store using Pinterest traffic.

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00:00 Intro
02:30 1. Shop Tab for All Keywords
03:40 2. First Keyword Suggestion Leads to Shop Tab
06:22 3. Little White Dots Linked to Product Pins
11:05 4. Pinterest is Improving Integrations with eCommerce Platforms
14:35 5. Conversion Insights