Pinterest Marketing with Adobe Spark: How to Create Pinterest Pin Images and Video Pins FAST. This is the right video for you if you want to learn how to quickly create multiple graphics for Pinterest – both images and video pins in Adobe Spark.


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What I really like about Adobe Spark is that you don’t need to go take a degree in graphic design, it’s enough to watch my video tutorial and start practicing it! It’s that easy and intuitive! And also, it’s great that to use Adobe Spark, you don’t have to install any heavy software applications on your computer. All the images and videos you create are designed in your usual web browser and you can download only the final result to your computer.

We’ll start today our tutorial from regular image pin graphics, and later, I will also show you how to create video pins in Adobe Spark. One thing I want you to understand very well about Pinterest is that the platform REWARDS accounts that are able to produce a LOT of new content. By new content I mean not only that you need to have a lot of pages on your site you can link your pins to, but also that you should strive to create several different pin images or video pins for each page you are linking to from Pinterest.

It seems like a lot of work, 5 pins per webpage, doesn’t it??? But with Adobe Spark you can actually create 5 new pin version doing just 5 extra clicks! Literally!

Let me switch to my screen and show you how you can start creating a pin image!

Before we move to the second part of the tutorial – remember, I promised you to show how to create video pins in Adobe Spark too? So before we move to video pins, let me just tell you the difference between the free and the paid versions.

So, the free version will let you create images and videos just like the pro version but you’ll have this little Adobe Spark watermark on your graphics. You will have access to the free stock images I mentioned in this video earlier, in both of the versions by the way. The paid version will also give you a bigger variety of fonts for your text overlay and some premium templates.