PINTEREST VS INSTAGRAM for Marketing and Business | What is the Best For Your Goals??
Pinterest vs Instagram for Marketing and Business: What is the Best For Your Goals.
In this video, you’ll see the comparison between Pinterest vs Instagram users, and you’ll find out what’s best – Pinterest or Instagram for your business.




Knowing me as a Pinterest marketing expert, you probably might expect that Pinterest is going to win this comparison game. But the truth is there can be no winner because everything will depend on your type of business and your goals on the platform.

Let’s first look at Pinterest and Instagram from the bird-eye view.

What are regular users (not marketers) doing on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, a user’s intent is primarily focused on the discovery and curation of other users’ content. Similar to a search engine, users can use Pinterest to search for specific content or products. They can then create visually appealing boards by pinning and grouping the content they discover.
And what are regular users looking for on Instagram?
They are looking for a much more personal experience with the brands and people they follow. The content you share on Instagram should give your audience an authentic view into your business or personal brand.

On Instagram, followers expect to see visual content about you, your events, your personality as a business and your “human” side.

And what is the outcome from your marketing efforts on Pinterest?
On Pinterest, every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site. That’s why one of the common goals for businesses on Pinterest is generating website traffic and using Pinterest as a search engine.
What should marketers be expecting to get from Instagram?

Instagram works the best for building a deeper connection with your audience and for growing a tribe of real fans. On Instagram, you should be prepared as a business, to communicate with your audience even via direct messages. This doesn’t happen on Pinterest, people rarely even leave comments on pins, and sending private messages is extremely rare on Pinterest.

So depending on your goals with the platform, you can see what works for you the best.
On Pinterest as I mentioned, all the pins can be linked to your blog, your Youtube videos, your landing pages, your eCommerce site, etc. So basically, Pinterest is a traffic generating machine. People find you on Pinterest but they don’t engage with you much on the platform itself. They click-through to your external source and then you can convert the visits on your side.
So any post or photo you publish can only work for you to drive traffic from Instagram for a maximum of 24 hours and then you have to do publish a new Story to keep getting more clicks or you have to use ads on Instagram.

Another major difference between the platforms is that Pinterest works very similarly to Google. It’s a visual search engine. The main user activity on Pinterest is searching for ideas and content curation (meaning that users are saving pins to their boards based on the similar topic). So as a marketer or business owner, when you are trying to grow on Pinterest, you have to learn SEO (search engine optimization) basics and I have a cool Pinterest SEO Checklist to help you get started with it.

You can have significantly lower following on Pinterest that your competitors and get higher Reach and more traffic to your website.

Now let me try to wrap it up for you here.
If you are trying to reach as many people interested in your niche, your products or services, if you are struggling to get more leads and visitors to your site, then you definitely need to focus on Pinterest as it will help you get targeted traffic.
And if you are already getting traffic from somewhere else, if this task is not an issue for your business, and if all you need now is to establish a stronger connection between your brand and your tribe. If you are working on building a personal brand as well – then you should focus more on Instagram because this platform will help you have a really strong bond with your audience.

As you probably know I’m an expert in Pinterest marketing, so if you are trying to get as many eyes as possible on your website or business, I’m your girl.
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