How To Remove Instagram Ghost Followers in 2020.
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Knowing how to identify and how to remove Instagram ghost followers is one of the most underrated ways to get your Instagram engagement back in 2020. In this video we’ll go over the most in depth instagram ghost follower removal tutorial. We’ll talk about how to avoid getting ghost followers, how to analyze your Instagram followers and how to safely remove them.

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0:36 What Are Instagram Ghost Followers?
2:38 The IG Algorithm & Trust Score.
4:13 Why You Might Have Ghost Followers.
5:50 Metrics To Look Out For
8:17 Look At The Big Picture
8:39 Manually Identifying Ghost Followers
10:10 What If You Have 1k-1M+ Followers
12:08 Safely Remove Ghost Followers
14:10 Mimic Real Behavior When Using Bots
15:08 The Results You Can Expect
16:02 The Shortcut To Safely Remove Your Ghosts

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