Selling on Etsy: Etsy Shop Tips for Digital Products (2020 Review)
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The Corjl platform is not meant to replace Photoshop or Illustrator but it does have some nice features designers appreciate.

Here’s a video on how to convert existing designs to Corjl

Corjl Tutorial Videos:

Complex items such as birthday invitations with multiple editable fields are a breeze and customers leave very positive feedback:

What is Corjl?
– It’s a self-editing platform that puts digital, personalized items on auto-pilot
– It was built by Etsy digital sellers, specifically for the Etsy graphic design/digital community, to help people earn more passive income and reduce customer emails
– Before Corjl, many designers made edits for customers and communicated through multiple emails, managing revision requests, and proofs
– Corjl has many success stories, here’s just one: a stay-at-home mom with over 20,000+ items sold through Corjl on Etsy, told us she has saved over 30 hours per week of labor. This was time she used to spend just working on revisions/proofs/emails.

How it works:
The platform sends customers to their purchased item – through an email – or customers can do directly to Corjl to edit
– Corjl increases sales through a special demo feature – a URL that customers visit to try out the design, before deciding to purchase (approx 30% of people that visit a demo end up purchasing an item, within 30 days)

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