Today’s Channel Audit Stream is by donation only. Whatever side of the political fence you may sit on, millions of innocent civilians are caught up in this conflict and they need our help.

Due to the current crisis in Ukraine, Sunflower of Peace started a new fundraiser to provide medical and humanitarian aid that will be used by the paramedics and doctors in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine. They are acquiring and distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival that are saving hundreds of lives. These supplies meant the world to people affected by violence when we started our first fundraiser in 2015, and they mean the world to all Ukrainians now.

ALTERNATIVE DONATION SITES (your channel will not be audited)
UN Refugee Agency –
International Red Cross –

Please note that due to the possible volume of donations and time constraints, a donation does not guarantee a channel audit – we apologize in advance if we can’t get to your channel. If you make a donation we will do our best to audit your channel. We may give preference to higher donations. We will be monitoring the donation screen to make sure we get to as many channels as we can. If you would like a free audit do make sure to return next week. Also, we assume that if you donate you want a channel audit. Finally, unfortunately, YouTube’s livestream controls only track donations for two hours, therefore if you donated before we went live we may not be able to verify the donations to add it to the audit list.

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