How To Overcome Customer Objections With Great Sales Copy
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This week I’m sharing the five most common customer objections and how you can overcome them in your sales copy. 

Whether you like it or not, no matter how incredible, cheap, perfect, promising, [insert adjective here] your product or service is, some of your prospects will always have doubts running through their mind the second they know they’re being sold something. 

It’s the most natural part of the decision-making process and, as marketers and copywriters, it’s our job to both predict them and address them early on and every step of the way. Far too often I see sales pages that are too afraid to tackle customer objections head-on, as if by mentioning them they’re gonna create an objection in a would-be customer’s mind and stop them from buying altogether.

But I hate to break it to you, those objections are there whether you call them out or not. So let’s talk about how to smash them with killer copy!

To illustrate examples, I’m using my recent sales page for the Copy Posse Launch Pad that you can review here:

^The doors are closed but the copy is still there.


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