Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are really starting to grab my interest. The amount of opportunity the blockchain and NFTs will present to people in the coming years is immense. In this video, I sit down with Roger Dickerman on his show “Origin Stories” to discuss this exciting space and how it is literally going to change the way we think about and use the internet. We deep-dive into the NFT space, discussing everything from Cryptopunks, wrapped tokens, NBA Top Shot, and much more. I also detail my personal journey into the NFT space and share my advice on how to be thoughtful when exploring it. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

00:00​ – Introduction
00:50​ – What is your origin story?
07:40​ – An NFT warning
10:28​ – Why I’m interested in NFTs
14:40​ – What happens when money enters the NFT conversation?
17:05​ – Artists and community cultivation
21:42​ – Hot Takes
45:30 Outro

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